New! Electronic Medical Record Stamp for Physicians The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Stamp is a resource tool that family physicians can use in office visits with their Parkinson’s patients. The EMR stamp is a word document template with a series of prompts that the physician can pose to their patients in order to gather information. The EMR Stamp is a summary of a 15 minute family doctor office visit. The EMR Stamp benefits physicians because it provides a framework upon which they can tailor their visits, making visits more efficient by prompting the patient for Parkinson’s signs, symptoms and treatment.
Download the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) stamp for physicians now.

Other Resources
A Physician Guide to Non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease is designed to help family physicians recognize non-motor features described in Section 4 of the Canadian Guidelines on Parkinson’s Disease. These include depression, hallucinations, cognitive impairment, sleep disturbances, and autonomic dysfunction.

The Physician Guide has a companion booklet for patients called A Guide to the Non-Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Both guides include the internationally-validated PD NMS Questionnaire so patients can record what they are experiencing and discuss the symptoms with their doctor.

The Physician material is available electronically only.
Download Physician Guide.
Download and print the PD NMS Questionnaire (PDF)

Parkinson Canada offers resources that are of interest to patients/clients and family members, including brochures, information sheets, booklets, videos and webcasts. These can be obtained from the resource section of Parkinson Canada’s website. Services such as support groups for people living with Parkinson’s are available through Parkinson Canada partners across the country. Contact the office in your area for details.